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What exactly is this service?

Here at, we fully understand that less is more concerning URLs for website addresses. This service allows one to create, for no charge, a custom URL and associated QR Code, either of which may be freely distributed. One can successfully turn a URL for a long site address into a 'litl' one. For example, a URL, such as, would be trimmed down to a considerably, shorter URL, which, when visited, would re-direct to the lengthier URL. Hence, the two URLs, both the long version and the 'litl' one, are essentially interchangable, as they both will direct a browser to the same webpage.

Tip: Append the '+' character to the end of any of your custom redirection URLs to access statistics regarding the link when visiting said link. ie.: Visiting will take you to a statistics page with info. regarding that link, like how many clicks it's received, etc., in addition to sharing options and its QR code, while simply entering omitting the trailing '+' character, will redirect the visitor to the URL that was specified when the link was originally created.

Note that when entering a new URL to have it shortened, located at the top of this page, you must list the complete URL address, including the https:// or http:// at the beginning, or you'll get an error that the link is unreachable. The 'www.', without the single quotes may be necessary to include for the URL or it may be mandatory to omit. It's all dependent on the setup at the host of the location. Also, it probably goes without saying for most, but ensure to remove the 'https:// or http:// (req.)' in the form field where new URLs are submitted for shortening, prior to entering your complete URL and submitting. Plus, note that in regards to custom short URLs, hyphens are accepted while underscores get truncated.

Please enjoy this free service and create as many 'litl' links as you'd like, but do not submit phishing URLs for shortening, or any other URLs which contain malicious-type content. This behavior will never be tolerated here at and will result in your permanent ban. Links to pornography are okay as long as all subjects of the media at the redirected link are of a legal, adult age. Casino and gambling-style links are also ok assuming that such activities are legal in your locality. Thanks for visiting!

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